This website is primarily about my debut novel, Bend

I want you to know about my debut novel, Bend.

I hope you will buy Bend. I hope you will read Bend. I hope you will enjoy Bend.

I also want to give you what I have learned about the creative process, the writing process, and marketing work as an author published by a small, independent press.

Also, I believe in the power of telling stories and bearing witness to each other’s lives and imaginings. I was fifty-seven when my debut novel, Bend came out. I’m not guaranteed another published work. You as readers have no responsibility to make that happen for me. You have no horse in my race. So, I’m taking control of my own destiny and having a format where I can write without concern about whether a publisher buys my story.

The purpose of this website is for me to write, tell you about my work, and give you things that may help you advance your work.

My mottos are, “Leave no love unspent” and “I’ll put in writing.”