The purpose of this website

Why have a website? Are there reasons to have one other than many people say writers must have an online presence?

Obviously one of my goals in having a website is to promote my novel, Bend. I want people to buy it, read it and enjoy it. I also love to talk about the creative process with readers and writers.

I have a website for other reasons too. I believe in the importance of telling stories and bearing witness to each other’s lives and imaginings. I was fifty-seven when my debut novel, Bend came out. I’m not guaranteed another published work. You as readers have no responsibility to make that happen for me. You have no horse in my race. So, I’m taking control of my own destiny and having a format where I can write without concern about whether a publisher again buys my story.

The purpose of this website is for me to write and also call attention to the work of others that I enjoy reading. I hope you enjoy my work and that I provide encouragement to you in your writing and living. For writers, I have included some gifts to support your writing.

My mottos are, “Leave no love unspent” and “I’ll put in writing.”